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Premier Renal joins ThriveHealth's e-consults program

We are excited to have Premier Renal Physicians join our e-consults program effective January 2021.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects over 1 in 7 Americans per the CDC, this is equivalent to over 30 Million people in the United States.

"There are many patients at risk who do not realize that they have CKD and end up crashing in the emergency room."

Research shows that the risk factors for CKD are diabetes, high blood pressure, family history and obesity. It has been noted that people of African, Hispanic and Asian origin may be higher risk than other ethnic groups.

Due to the shortage in Nephrologists across the country, critical access and community hospitals tend to have a skeletal crew after hours or at weekends resulting to patients being transferred out for care.

This is where ThriveHealth comes in. Through our e-consults platform, Nephrologists are able to provide much needed support to critical access and community hospitals around the country.

Data sources:

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