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Digital Telehealth Platform

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Digital Telehealth platform for use by an organization such as private practices and hospitals. Features include:

  • HIPAA compliant

  • Unlimited video, voice and chat capabilities

  • Three-way call

  • One-click connect

  • Files transfer

  • Virtual waiting room/triage

  • No downloads required, works on any internet-enabled smart device

  • Note pad

  • EHR integration*

  • Free and premium options available

Multi-Specialty Care Hub


An on-demand multi-specialty telehealth which enables patients direct access to quality US board-certified providers from the comfort of your own home or on the go from an iPhone or iPad.


ThriveHealth Memory Haven

mem screen.png

Key features for Patients

ThriveHealth Memory Haven supports and promotes the independence of people with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, while also empowering their families and caregivers using assistive technology.

Features for patients

  • Face/touch ID sign in

  • Photo wallet

  • Music Playlist

  • One click Connect

  • Facial & voice recognition

  • Memory games

  • Reminder Alerts

  • My mood tracker

  • Health Check

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