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Top 20 Innovators in Telemedicine of 2020

ThriveHealth was recognised as one of 20 Innovators in Telemedicine by Technology Innovators alongside Teladoc, Doctor on Demand, Zipnosis and Medics2you.

Technology Innovators

Patient Centric Virtual Healthcare

Through digital technology, ThriveHealth connects scarce medical specialists to critical access hospitals thereby facilitating better access to care for patients within their community. In addition to the virtual medical specialists program, ThriveHealth offers a web based HIPAA compliant platform which requires no download or password. The platform includes multi way group call feature that allows the physicians add interpreters and specialists to the virtual visit. ThriveHealth also offers a mobile based app for the savvy users. This app allows independent specialists such as pediatricians, nephrologists, neurologists, endocrinologist, cardiologists, rheumatologist, dermatologists etc. register their private practices on the app and provide their services directly to new patients. This opens a world of possibilities to physicians who have only relied on local referrals in the past. The app also digitizes key processes and workflows to enhance patients’ experience and providers’ productivity.

TeleMedicine Today

Some of the major challenges that exist in the current telemedicine market is the non-availability of medical specialists, lack of multistate licensing, strict regulations, and reimbursement. While some of the challenges have been relaxed recently due to the pandemic, some concerns remain. Currently, a number of measures are being taken to mitigate these challenges for the post-pandemic world too. “It will be important to continue to work in close partnership with healthcare providers, payors, patients, and caregivers to create innovative technological solutions to meet the collective need,” advises Nwatuobi.

This award spanned across several telehealth companies from the US, UK, Romania and Canada. Read more here

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